What is unique about ISC ?               

Companies with the resource and experience that ISC has are more focused on selling labor rather than providing solutions. ISC is an Interconnect Solutions company with a business model that puts the customers’ needs first. ISC brings “Total Choice” to the connector interconnect market and is strategically designed to provide its  'know-how" to the industry through wide variety of channels and scale. 

We are unique because we are focused on expanding the use of molded cable products by working with OEM's and cable assembly companies that in the past might not have been able to use molded solutions:

  • Harsh Environment and environmentally challenging applications
  • Molding "ends" for companies that do not have molding capabilities ( this includes working with customer supplied  material)
  • Molding custom strain relief sections on to a customer’s cable assembly
  • Providing discrete molded accessory items to provide strain relief for assembled connector ends.
  • Designing and fabricating custom and standard mold tooling that "works"
  • Providing custom molded assemblies to OEM users who are otherwise unable to get a molded solution due to the combination of tooling and lot size.
  • Serving the medical, industrial, robotics, instrumentation and mil/aero industries

ISC...... is in business to expand the use of molded cable assembly interconnects.  Our job is to bring  total  choice  to the  market. The company's resources improve development time to market for new products while providing cost effective results by integrating design, tooling, strain relief and assembly processes into one single solution for our customers.

ISC Engineering is a worldwide leader specialized in custom molded circuits and overmolded cables assemblies. ISC provides rapid prototype and quick turn with pre-production and quick turn, lower volume and high mix assemblies to the communications, automotive, electronic, industrial, instrumentation, marine, medical and mil-spec industries.

Overmolding to provide strain relief in conjunction with overmolded connectors can improve conventional interconnects. OEM molded cable assembly and custom molded cable assembly designs with Polyurethane, PVC, TPU and thermoset  solutions in weeks not months

If it is a custom overmolded cable assembly or circuit, it is probably within our wheelhouse.

Phone: 909.596.3315 Fax: 909.596.3335
4351 Schaefer Avenue, Chino, CA. 91710     Send mail to: mdavis@iscengineering.com

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